Collaboration: We work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs. Our team works closely with resellers, assessing their needs and using market research, retail and product trend forecasts, and innovative technology to design the right supply chains to deliver their products.

Innovation: We develop products for our customers. Whether customers come to us for a specific direction or need our help in conceptualizing products, we are there every step of the way. Between brainstorming, designing and prototyping, we make sure our common vision becomes reality.

Sourcing: We source products from suppliers around the world. We evaluate factories based on their capability to supply the right product and based on their commitment to quality, safety, and compliance. We work with over 100 manufacturers to meet our customer’s needs and deliver the final product.

Delivery: We make sure that the delivery process from the factories to our customer warehouse is smooth and without any problems while focusing on the delivery schedule.